A new team member!


I am so thrilled to introduce you to our new team member! He’s a total whizz at HTML and will be taking web design commissions from next week!

I’ll be working reduced hours whilst we adjust to our new arrival, so thank all of our clients and friends for their patience at this wonderful time!

Leah x

Mobile Websites


From today, all of our new website design projects will include a tailored mobile version of the website to work alongside the standard desktop one. This is to work with Google’s new requirements for all sites to be mobile friendly – those that aren’t will be penalised!

If you’re a previous client, we also add this feature onto your existing site for a small fee. Get in touch to find out more!

Leah x

The nocturnal designer – are you more creative at night?

creative-at-nightAs a creative person, I often find it really hard to get properly stuck into a job. Once I get into it I can work non-stop on it for hours on end without stopping to take a break, but it’s just that elusive initial spark that is often so hard to find.

I also tend to find this particularly difficult during the day. I can spend all morning and afternoon procrastinating, aimlessly doing quick easy admin jobs and putting off the big stuff, and it isn’t until the sun goes down that my brain properly switches on and the cogs start whirring! I can then go for hours until I realise that all of a sudden it’s 2am and really is time to go to bed!

Do any other creative types find this? I have noticed very often that if I’m working with a photographer or any other artists that we will often end up emailing each other in the wee hours of the morning so I know I’m not alone in this!

I might just bite the bullet and change my schedule so that I work evenings a few times per week instead of attempting to work during the day, and use daylight hours for things like yoga, cooking and writing blog posts.

I’d love to hear from any other graphic designers, web designers, writers or any others that might work nights instead of during the day! Does anyone know why our brains are wired like this?

Leah x

4 Years of Self Employment


Over on my personal blog, All Things Nice, I’ve written a bit of a recap of my experiences so far as a self employed designer. There have been ups, plenty of downs and everything in between – click here to head over and have a read!

Leah x

Tips for Creative People

Tips for Creative People

Are you a creative person? If you are, then like me you might suffer from ‘I Suck’ syndrome. I finished a large illustration project yesterday and I am SO pleased with it. It wasn’t without incident though… here’s the process I go through when starting a new creative project…

Tips for Creative People

After speaking to others, it turns out that they often go through the same. I think that as creative people we just never have the confidence in ourselves to know that we’re actually a lot better than we think we are.

It’s so hard to stick to these tips but if you can, then here are some Tips for Creative People that I find help me;

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